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Remote Meeting Software

Riverside is the only platform on this list that lets you video conference and record in 4K. In fact, the quality of video and audio is so crystal clear that it’s become a favorite among content creators who want to upload their meetings to YouTube. No more traveling long distances to meet your friend or attend a meeting – video conferencing software allows you to do that from home. It’s even better than email or audio-only calls as you get to see the expressions and body language of the person on the other side. Video conferencing software helps people communicate over the Internet using real-time audio and video communication technology. With so many video conferencing tools offering comparable features, researching and selecting the right one can be challenging.
remote meeting software
Presently, cloud-based services are the reigning stars, requiring little dedicated infrastructure. The only way to join Google Meet conferences is via a web browser, but what might seem to be a limitation at first may actually be its greatest strength. Because there are no dedicated clients to download and install, Google Meet should be accessible to anyone with a modern browser, regardless of OS platform. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Meet integrates with the wildly popular Google Workspace suite of productivity apps, either. It works great for remote and hybrid meetings because you can use the platform to structure and document your virtual work. You can prepare for your meetings by filling the agenda with topics, specifying moderators and uploaders, inviting other users, and sharing the materials with your attendees.

Add Cisco Webex Meetings to Google Calendar

This option combines quality HD video and industry-leading interoperability. Online conferencing software allows team members to easily meet up to discuss important business ideas. Additionally, they can work on collaborative projects through a web conferencing platform. Team leaders can quickly convene impromptu meetings if there is an issue that needs immediate attention. Online conferencing software ensures that face-to-face meetings are conducted through the internet at a fraction of the cost.

  • GoTo Meeting by LogMeIn offers all the standard features of a video conferencing platform while additionally making it possible for users to join meetings from any device.
  • We then tried each platform to see how user-friendly each was, as well as determine what range of tools and advanced webinar options were available.
  • Every dropped call is a major annoyance, and it’s also not acceptable to waste time waiting for someone to set up software that’s not intuitive.
  • Riverside allows unlimited hours of meetings for both one-to-one and group meetings.
  • However, there are plenty of secrets to vet web conferencing software vendors.
  • These new services are characterized by hardware agnosticism, letting you either procure dedicated hardware or utilize their computing device’s webcam and microphone.

Additionally, meetings can be joined using VoIP for improved security and in situations where a person’s internet connection is limited. There’s no maximum limit on the number of team members you can add to a video conference, and there are also several built-in individual and group chat tools. Undoubtedly, however, RingCentral’s greatest feature is its integration of Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365. This means users can schedule and begin calls directly from these 3rd party platforms.

Top 10: Best Remote Meeting Software

It does this first by providing a web app experience, which means there is no software to download. Secondly, it also provides a dedicated dial-in number, which not only means that employees on the go can join in, but this also ensure that line quality is maintained and that there are no drop-outs. Overall, Microsoft Teams is ideal for businesses who already use Microsoft 365, or who are looking to reinvent their organization’s digital communication and collaboration workspaces.
remote meeting software
An all-in-one USB solution is great for a small meeting space, for example, and would not necessarily require features such as pan-tilt-zoom or a powerful zoom. Skype is very much a household name, which will serve as a strong draw from many people. Video conferencing software captures participants’ video and audio instantly, compresses the data, sends it across the internet connection and decompresses it to present video and audio to the recipient. Businesses looking for a decent all-around video conferencing service with an impressive AI-based virtual makeup module will find a solid fit with CyberLink U Meeting. At first glance, CyberLink U Meeting looks like a boring video calling solution.

What are the key features of online meeting software tools?

Video conferencing software has become a lifeline to millions and a standard part of our daily lives. Today’s best video conferencing software and apps allow colleagues to see and hear how to run a effective remote meeting each other with high-definition (HD) quality. With a wealth of video conferencing options available—all offering unique features at different prices, selecting one can be difficult.

You can also plan your individual or group sessions by using customization features like meeting notices, recurring time intervals, business hours, and so on. Apart from all that, they also offer a mobile app that allows users to access all their meeting information from any device and respond to requests while on the road. The meeting should be carried out easily and without any technical difficulties. This is made possible by the sharing screen feature and the possibility to anticipate what sentences and phrases would be used the most and share those with the attendees within a few clicks. A meeting management software like Infinity helps with the distribution of tasks among team members according to their skillset and allows for various forms of visual representation of the work progress. However, keep in mind that the platform does not support video and audio calling.

When searching for web conferencing software, we advise that you go for a solution that is easily customizable. However, there are plenty of secrets to vet web conferencing software vendors. Desktop apps may require specific system configurations or newer hardware to run smoothly in case of an update.
remote meeting software
Unlike the other services in our roundup, it can scale to audiences of up to 1,000 participants (although not all will be able to actively participate). It also offers generous online storage for recording meetings, so that people who couldn’t attend a live session can have the option to play it back later. GoToMeeting is a mature video conferencing solution from GoTo, the company formerly known as LogMeIn. It offers a good balance between features and cost, and it includes competitive features like smart transcription and unlimited recording to the cloud. One of the most mature video conferencing solutions on our list, Webex has been around in one form or another since 1995. Now owned by Cisco, it has the unique distinction of enjoying the benefits of integration with the networking giant’s rich ecosystem of tools, hardware, and smart conference room systems.